Title And Ownership Issues

If you own a property the likelihood is your ownership will be registered at HM Land Registry. Each property is allocated its own title number, which has a corresponding title register and title plan.

If a property is older, and there have been no dealings with it, for example, it hasn’t been sold or mortgaged, it may remain unregistered and the evidence of title is contained in the deeds and documents.

Sometimes there may be issues relating to the title to a property or the ownership of it which need to be put right.  Such issues may be;

  • An error or defect on the legal title or boundary plan that needs to be rectified;
  • Unregistered title deeds that have been lost;
  • Restrictions, notices or charges secured against a property’s title that need to be satisfied or removed before a property can change hands or be re-mortgaged;
  • Queries as to legal or beneficial interests in a property;
  • The need for a class of title to be upgraded; or
  • The need to identify who is entitled to a property when the owner named on the deeds has died (such as where a property has been passed down in a family informally).

Here at Butcher and Barlow, we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to assist you with a broad range of title or ownership issues and please contact your local office to discuss your requirements.

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