Email Security

Why do we use Egress Switch?

We have chosen to use Egress Switch to keep any sensitive and confidential information we share with our clients or other third parties via email secure. The ‘follow the data’ design of the Egress solution allows data to be secure both in transit (when the email is on its journey) and at rest (when the email reaches its destination). There are a number of email encryption products on the market but Egress is currently the only email security solution to be accredited with Commercial Product Assurance from the UK National Cyber Security Centre so we can be confident in our data security.

As a recipient of a secure email or large file, Egress is completely free of charge for you to use. It’s also easy to use; simply click on the link contained in the email you receive. You will be either prompted to enter a password which will have been communicated to you separately or you will be prompted to sign in if you already have an Egress account or register for free. If you have a mobile phone you can download the free Egress App by clicking on the link in the email you receive.

Depending on the security level of information and frequency that we will need to communicate such information, it is our policy to share data by one of two methods: a one-time secure email requiring a password which will be communicated to you separately; or by you creating an Egress account.

Further information

If you need any help using Egress, please contact Egress customer support:
More information relating to the Egress privacy policy can be found at