Personal Succession Planning

Being able to pass our assets to our children or loved ones when we die is often a real concern to many individuals.  You have worked hard all of your life and wish to ensure that as much of this wealth as possible can be passed down under the terms of your Will.

Succession planning can be a very complex and detailed area which requires expert advice.  The Private Client team here at Butcher & Barlow are able to offer tailored advice to your personal circumstances. We want to ensure that all of your personal requirements are met and your Estate is set up in the most tax efficient way, whilst still ensuring that your wishes are following in respect of your Will and that your assets pass to those that you wish to benefit.

There are various different succession planning routes to take and a wide range of options available.  Looking at gifting to both individuals and to a newly created Trust is one path to take.  Other people prefer to retain assets and using insurance may suit them better.

For those with business interests, keeping the business running and retaining the value upon death is often a crucial consideration and incorporating advice alongside the application of Business Property Relief requires expert assistance.

It should be noted that a marriage, dissolution of civil partnership  or divorce can impact on the provisions of an existing Will and it is important to review your Will, or consider making a Will, where there has been a relationship breakdown.  Our Family Law team can assist you in identifying any areas upon which you may require advice and will refer you to our Private Client team to enable these important matters to be considered.

Our expert team of Lawyers are happy to meet on a one to one basis or with a group of family members in order to provide peace of mind with expert advice.  Our Private Client team work closely with other departments such as the Corporate and Commercial team and the Agriculture team in order to ensure that all round advice is provided in the simplest and easiest to understand way possible.