Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is a document that can be prepared to provide a record of an agreement reached upon the breakdown of a relationship in relation to financial matters or the arrangements for children.  A separation agreement can be used for:

  • married couples;
  • couples in a civil partnership; and
  • non-married couples.

A separation agreement may be used if you wish to enter into an agreement regarding matters arising from your marriage or civil partnership, but you do not yet wish to issue formal divorce proceedings, or proceedings for dissolution of a civil partnership.   This may be the case if you have not yet been married for twelve months and are unable to start divorce proceedings, or if you wish to wait until you have been separated for a period of time, before issuing proceedings.

If you enter into a separation agreement without adequate legal advice the agreement can be difficult to enforce.  The Family Law team here at Butcher & Barlow will provide full advise and either assist you in reaching an agreement with your former partner, or advise you on an agreement you have already reached to ensure the terms of the agreement are fair.

The Family Law Team

Our expert Family Law team will aim to guide you through the process of separation as sensitively and efficiently as possible.

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Kevan Hankinson

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What our clients say

Mr T

I would like to say a massive thank you to Rachel and the team based in the Tyldesley office. From start to finish I was provided with expert advice when completing the stages of a separation agreement. Rachel was able to alleviate any concerns I had and suggest methods which have most certainly benefited my situation. I was particularly happy with the speedy responses from the team to any issues I raised and the professional manner used when communicating with both myself and my ex partners solicitors. I would most certainly recommend using Butcher and Barlow as they made what is an overwhelming, daunting scenario an extremely positive experience.

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