If a third party is doing something or failing to do something that affects you or your property then you may have a nuisance claim against them.

You may need to apply for a Court Order requiring them to stop the nuisance and to claim damages for any loss you have suffered.  Alternatively, you may own land and receive a claim from your neighbour in which case you may need to respond quickly so as to preserve your position or avoid potential liability.

Our Property Dispute Resolution team here at Butcher & Barlow can promptly issue or defend a nuisance application in order to safeguard your position.  We are also skilled in all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution such as negotiation and mediation which are actively encouraged by the Courts.  In our experience, these can prove cost-effective methods of finding solutions to often complex problems.  However where Court action is inevitable, we have the resources to navigate through the litigation process.

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Lynn Tammadge

Many thanks to Alex, It’s a lot easier to be resilient now. Thanks for all your help, wisdom and patience throughout. Zen is restored!

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