Farm Sales And Purchases

As farms and rural properties often incur issues that would not normally arise in the sale or purchase of a standard residential property, it is important to instruct a solicitor with not only property law knowledge but knowledge of the farming business and the regulatory environment in which it operates.

The Agricultural team here at Butcher and Barlow have experience in dealing with farm and land sales and purchases, whether by auction, tender or private treaty.

We work closely with local land agents to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.

Our Team has a particular expertise in dealing with land sales for both commercial and residential development, working closing with our Commercial Property team in relation to:

  • promotion agreements;
  • option agreements;
  • equalisation agreements; and
  • negotiations in relation to both the imposition and release of overage agreements.

As part and parcel of any land sale or purchase, we are able to advise on all forms of agricultural tenancies, including those held under the Agricultural Holdings Act, Farm Business Tenancies and Licences.

We understand the regulatory environment and cross-compliance regime, working  closely with both agricultural advisers and surveyors, and our respective clients’ accountants, to ensure that we provide the most tax-efficient advice.   We understand the additional requirements for the sale and purchase of agricultural land undertaking not only the necessary searches, but also exercising the appropriate due diligence enquiries.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a practical and readable informative report on the implications of any sale, purchase or proposed letting agreements.