Butcher & Barlow welcomes Lynsey Stuchfield to the Partnership

Lynsey, who specialises in residential property, is based at the Firms Runcorn office.  We managed to catch her in a rare moment of quiet in her bustling department to learn a little more about her career progression and her life outside of the office. 

Thanks for taking time to chat to us Lynsey. You’ve took an alternative route to becoming a solicitor  didn’t you?

Yes, I qualified via the ILEX route.

What did that entail?

I began working for Hough and Co as a Legal Secretary for Richard Ashton.   Within the year I started my ILEX course and moved to the Runcorn office as a legal assistant to Jim Whitaker. I qualified as a Legal Executive in 2004 and then went on to complete the other required heads of law needed to qualify as a solicitor via distance learning through ILEX.  I undertook my LPC at John Moores Uni in Liverpool. I was exempt from a training contract due to the number of years undertaken running my own files to qualify as Legal Executive.  I qualified as a solicitor with Hough and Co in 2010.  I joined Butcher & Barlow as part of the merger between the two Firms.


Quite a journey. Have you always had your sights set on becoming a lawyer?

Yes! I have always wanted to be a lawyer since I was young as enjoy reading, paperwork, organising, challenges  and helping people!  Being a lawyer has enabled me to do all of these things.     


Residential conveyancing is one of the more non-stop areas of law to work in. What is a typical working day?

The day goes so fast! I review my post and check my emails and diary and then prioritise what needs doing for that day.  I then start dictating on my files with regular stops having to be made to take phone calls, deal with emails or see clients. 


If it is possible in an emotional fraught conveyancing transaction, do you have any light hearted anecdotes from your career so far?

I had a matter once where the parties did not get along and the seller on completion took the fake coal from the fireplace and replaced it with scrunched up newspaper which had been sprayed black.  The buyer was not happy and ultimately the fake coal was returned via the solicitors as the parties did not wish to have any contact with each other.  

Is there anyone you admire in the business world?

I admire many people but for different reasons but I admire anyone who works hard and does not give up.


If you could tell your 15 year old self something, what would it be?

To listen to people who already have life experience.


If you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?

My 3 year old so that I could have a day of fun with no responsibilities! 


I think many of us would like to be back there!

So after a busy day in the conveyancing  department, what do you like to do out side of work?

Given that I am in an office all week I love anything outdoors.


Thanks for taking time to chat to us Lynsey.


For residential property advice contact Lynsey at our Runcorn office on 01928 576056


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