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The legal landscape is changing and there has never been a more exciting time to join the profession. The challenges that Brexit may bring both for the profession and its clients, the advancement of LawTec, the continuing fight to maintain Access to Justice, and the increased importance of the need to look after employees’ mental health and general wellbeing are just a few of the challenges facing the profession in 2020.

That is why at Butcher & Barlow at Butcher & Barlow we are recruiting for the future of the Firm. We see our graduate recruits as being instrumental in shaping the Firm, facing these challenges head on within a genuine supportive, collaborative and inclusive culture.

Our business is your future and your success is our success.

What we offer


Stimulating Work

From an early stage you will be liaising with clients, preparing legal documents and researching for projects or articles.


Giving Back

We support our community. Join in with community and charity events in which the Firm get involved.



We are committed to ensuring our staff have a work/life balance. Some days you may need to put in extra hours, but we’ll give you time back when you need it.



Our departmental structure means that there is always someone on hand to ask advice from or share a problem with wherever you are in the Firm.


A Voice

We encourage all our staff to take responsibility and to offer ideas to those they work with. A firm that does not listen, will not maintain its position nor grow as it should.

Thomas Sedley

At Butcher and Barlow, you are valued as a key member of the team in the firm and treated as such. This is reflected in the opportunities you are given to be heavily involved in all stages. I have found that having this exposure, although at times difficult, has given me the confidence and skills I need for when I qualify to become a competent and successful solicitor.