Setting up a Trust

The expert team here at Butcher & Barlow LLP are able to provide you with a range of solutions when planning for the future. One of these options is setting up a Trust, whether by a Lifetime Trust or a Trust created upon your death in your Will. Our team have helped clients from across Bury, Manchester, and Cheshire and we welcome you to get in touch with us today.

Setting up a Trust is often perceived as something particularly complicated, and only for those with a vast amount of wealth. However, Trusts can be particularly useful in a number of different situations. Whilst it is essential that professional advice is obtained, our experienced lawyers are able to simplify the process for you, in order to ensure a full understanding of how a Trust operates, and the benefits which may be obtained as a result of having a Trust in place.

Trusts are often used for tax planning purposes as well as the protection of assets for future generations of the family. There are various different types of Trusts available, and as such, care is required to make sure the correct type is put in place to suit your individual circumstances. If you are located in Bury, Manchester or Cheshire, speak to our dedicated team today.

Simple Trusts

Simple Trusts are important for individuals with children from previous relationships; they ensure the security of that individual’s current spouse, whilst also ultimately passing any interest to their own children when the current spouse passes away.

Discretionary Trusts

When written into a Will, a Discretionary Trust can also provide a solution where vulnerable beneficiaries, such as disabled children, are a consideration. These Trusts can be extremely useful and provide you with peace of mind by ensuring the needs of someone who cannot deal with their own finances or large sums of money are met without adversely affecting them.

More complicated Trusts

There are a wide range of Trusts and the more complex can be used to help alleviate inheritance tax issues, or if assets need to be ring-fenced and protected for a particular reason.

At Butcher & Barlow LLP, we can also offer services in relation to Trust administration. We provide a high-quality and efficient service across Bury, Manchester, and Cheshire that includes the preparation of accounts, completion and submission of tax returns, making payments to beneficiaries and all other necessary steps.

Please contact one of our team listed below in order to discuss your personal circumstances in greater detail and to establish the options available to you.