Property Succession Rights And Claims

If a person co-owned a property at the date of their death, how that property was owned will determine what succession rights apply.

If a property is owned as joint tenants, the deceased owner’s share automatically passes to the co-owner.

If a property is owned as tenants in common, each co-owner has a right to a distinct share of the equity in the property and that share can be left to a third party in a Will, or, if no Will, it will pass accordingly to the laws of intestacy. This can cause issues for the surviving co-owner.

Whether you are the personal representative of the deceased owner, or the surviving co-owner, we  can advise on succession rights and the legal entitlement to a property.

A dispute of this nature can  add to what is already an  upsetting and stressful time and become very time consuming for all involved. With our knowledge, expertise and experience you can be assured that we will  strive for the best outcome, regardless of your situation.