GP Negligence

Your doctor or other healthcare practitioner will be your first port of call when you are feeling unwell.  We have an expectation that they will, when presented with your symptoms, consider them, diagnose them and act on them and in the majority of cases this is exactly what happens.

But sometimes things can go wrong and the consequences can be devastating. GP negligence occurs when there is a failure in the duty of care if the which has adverse consequences on the patients heath and recovery.  Examples include;

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Prescription errors
  • Failed diagnosis
  • Treatment errors
  • Failure to refer

Our specialist Medical Negligence team here at Butcher & Barlow will can advise you on the complaints process and assist you in submitting your written complaint.  It may be that there has been a genuine misunderstanding or a problem in communication and we will wait for the explanation from the GP practice before assessing whether you have a claim.  If we consider that you do have a claim we will seek compensation on your behalf to cover any remedial treatment or loss of earnings you may have suffered.

In many cases we will be able to act on a No Win, No Fee basis meaning that there is no financial risk to you in pursing your clam.

What our clients say

Thank you very much for the work you did for me. It's allowed us to do things we haven't been able to afford. A life changing sum that will hold us in good stead for years to come! Thanks!

Ms B

The solicitors Butcher & Barlow was chosen because from the initial meeting we knew that having someone local who we could meet face to face with, would be a positive move. Greg Porter and his team worked hard for our case and were happy to answer any questions that we had, even if we had asked them before! There was always a balanced view and you felt continually supported and confident you had them on your side.

Another Testimonial