Dental Negligence

The thought of visiting the dentist is, for many people, traumatic. Many routine dental procedures can cause a degree of pain and a discomfort.

But what if this pain and discomfort is exacerbated by substandard or poor treatment? An accident or oversight by your dental professional may cause long term damage. Or a medical condition may have been overlooked.

Whether private or NHS, cosmetic or medical, any harm caused by negligent treatment is unacceptable and if you have suffered such harm you may be entitled to compensation.

Common examples of cases where we have helped clients are:

  • Nerve injuries
  • Cosmetic dentistry mistakes
  • Restorative dentistry errors
  • Mistakes leading to the unnecessary loss of a tooth or teeth

The specialist Medical Negligence team at Butcher & Barlow will work with you to gather evidence to  establish your case, and depending upon the specific circumstances may be able to do so on a No Win No Fee basis meaning there is no cost to yourself.