Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Simply because you made the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery does not mean than the standard of care owed by the medical profession is any less than for any other surgical procedure. You are still entitled to the highest quality of care and if you fail to receive this care and suffer undesirable results as a consequence, you may be entitled to compensation.

You may have received poor aftercare, or a defective product may have been used. You may not have received enough information at the outset to make an informed decision to go ahead with the surgery, or the aftercare may have been substandard.

If you are experiencing ongoing pain and complications as a result of the surgery, contact the specialist Medical Negligence team at Butcher & Barlow, to talk about whether you can pursue a claim for compensation for corrective surgery, loss of earnings or even counselling.

The specialist Medical Negligence team at Butcher & Barlow will work with you to gather evidence to  establish your case, and depending upon the specific circumstances may be able to do so on a No Win No Fee basis meaning there is no cost to yourself.