Coroners Inquests and Fatal Medical Negligence

The majority of deaths in the UK are registered without further inquires being made in to the circumstances of that death.  However, in cases of violent, sudden, unexplained or unnatural deaths, or where someone had died in prison or police custody, it will be necessary for the death to be referred to a Coroner.  The Coroner will undertake a fact finding exercise to make a decision on how the person died.  This fact finding takes the form of an Inquest.

An inquest is a hearing where by the circumstances of a death are examined by a coroner. Family of the deceased, or their legal representative, have a right to participate in the Inquest and ask questions of the witnesses who are called by the Coroner.

Butcher & Barlow are experienced in representing families at Inquests.  Although the inquest will not find any person or organisation responsible for the death it does play an important part in holding a person or organisation to account for the death and often paves the way for civil or criminal proceedings.  As the families legal representatives, we will seek to find answers to the questions that the family has regarding their loved ones death.

We are incredibly proud to have represented ones of the families at the Hillsborough Inquests, the longest running case of its type in legal history.  We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that answers are given and justice obtained.

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Butcher & Barlow is able to offer specialist lawyers in both personal injury and clinical negligence as part of a full-service law firm and who are spread over several local offices. In serious and catastrophic personal injury and clinical negligence claims, the facility to have a lawyer “on your doorstep” really matters to those clients and is a key part of delivering a specialist service

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