Care Funding Advice

As we get older our thoughts often turn to what the future may hold and in particular the possibility of requiring some sort of care services.

The cost of care can be particularly expensive especially in the case of those suffering from a mental illness such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia where an individual may live in care for many years.

At Butcher & Barlow we are able to offer expert advice as to the way that the care funding system works, what exemptions are available and the best way to ensure that your assets are protected or maintained for the longest period possible.

Having a full understanding of how the system works will ensure that tailored advice can be provided.  Often clients are concerned about the cost of care forcing them to sell the family home and not being able to pass on the wealth they have accumulated during their lifetime to their children.

Our expert team of private client lawyers can provide the necessary advice in order to allay many fears and concerns and provide peace of mind at a stressful and difficult time.  Putting plans in place at the earliest opportunity provides the greatest chance of preserving assets and benefiting your family.