Open for Business

Partner and commercial law specialist Jonathan Aldersley explains how Butcher & Barlow are adapting to the current economic situation and how the Firm can support other businesses in these difficult times.

The level of disruption to the UK is unprecedented during peace time. The speed and rate of decline in the economy has caused shockwaves throughout the world and has led businesses to have to make decisions in relation to staffing and operations overnight when, ordinarily, weeks and months of preparation would go in to such strategic planning.

We as a Firm, like any other business, have been forced to make drastic short term decisions in order to protect the long term future of the business and to look at aspects within our structure that can be re-deployed in order to meet potential demand for services whilst other areas reduce.

The Government has announced unparalleled levels of financial support with the finer details still to emerge. However, it would appear that the Government is prepared to take all necessary steps in order to support the economy and businesses small and large including the provision of Government backed loans. It will be important for business owners to understand their commitments to any such financial support, along with any security that lenders will be seeking.  It may seem that all help should be gladly received, however, it is equally important to ensure that people are fully aware of the implications of any loan facility, security or any other financial documents.

Here at Butcher & Barlow we remain “open for business” and have put in place measures to ensure that through video conferencing and telephone consultations we can keep all of our staff operational and provide legal services throughout this challenging period.

We are able to provide assistance and support in relation to the following matters:-

  • Employment related advice. All areas including alteration of working hours, salary, benefits and requirements for working from home.
  • Advice in relation to redundancies and entitlements.
  • Review of financial documents, mortgages, debentures and all security documents.
  • Review of personal guarantees.
  • A review of your company/business structure with advice in relation to shareholding/partnership shares.
  • Advice in relation to debt recovery, structured payments and re-financing options.
  • Review of commercial Agreements in relation to termination provisions, payment terms and enforcement action.

We believe it is important to maintain the “open for business” approach and we are available to discuss options with you. We believe that this will be a short term crisis followed by a long term recovery, however, it is important to consider all of your options when planning for the future.

If you require any assistance please contact our dedicated commercial team on 01606 334309 and ask to speak to either Jonathan Aldersley or Justin Kelly or e-mail or

We have 9 further offices throughout the North West that are also able to offer support to businesses and individuals.

an image of Jonathan Aldersley, a Butcher & Barlow LLP employee

Jonathan Aldersley

an image of Justin Kelly, a Butcher & Barlow LLP employee

Justin Kelly