Changes at the top for Butcher & Barlow

The new financial year brings with it changes to our senior management team. Charles Barlow has decided to step down from his role as Senior Partner in advance of his retirement in 2023. Charles has been with the Firm, for over 40 years and is the fifth generation of the Barlow family to be Senior Partner.

The Firm will continue to be led by the existing management team of Managing Partner Anthony Higham and the newly appointed Senior Partner, Jonathan Aldersley.

Anthony said

“The last few years have seen the management of the Firm evolve, with Jonathan and I, together with Christopher Hopkins, dealing with the changes brought about as a result of the Covid pandemic.

“Given the history of Butcher & Barlow and the connection with the Barlow family, the transition leading up to Charles’ retirement was always going to be a pivotal moment in the history of the Firm.”

Anthony continued:

“We took the bold decision to embark upon a branding update during the pandemic to demonstrate to all members of the Firm, clients and contacts that we put into practice the advice that we give to clients and that decisions are shared. We believe that a collaborative approach in all aspects of working brings successful results.”

“Jonathan and I have worked closely together for almost 25 years and the increasing size of the practice dictates that no one person can be responsible for all aspects of the decision making process. Identifying the best person to deal with each particular task or challenge is crucial to the ongoing success of the business.”

Jonathan Aldersley added

“Charles has been instrumental in guiding the Firm to the position it is in today and has displayed his leadership qualities throughout his time with the Firm. As he takes a step back before his retirement next year, we each felt this was an opportune time to make the changes to the management team.”

Butcher & Barlow pride themselves on developing talent and the nurturing the careers of its staff, demonstrated by the fact that each member of the management team began their legal career with Butcher & Barlow as a Trainee Solicitor and has experience of working in every office.

Jonathan continued:

“We all have a better insight as to the challenges which the Firm faces having undertaken almost all tasks, however menial, at some point in our time at the Firm. The implementation of our “decisions, shared” message really does embody how we work each day as a business. We strive to ensure that we identify the needs of the client and provide simple, practical advice that a client can engage with rather than us simply telling a client what to do.

“We’re looking forward now to a bright future. Having invested heavily within the Firm over the last two years, and despite numerous challenges which none of us could have predicted three years ago, we have emerged stronger and better for the experience.”

We are also pleased to announce that Head of Corporate and Commercial, Justin Kelly, has joined the management team as of the 1st May 2022. Justin has been the Firm over 20 years and deals with all aspects of corporate and employment work and is able to offer straightforward, no-nonsense advice backed up by a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Justin said

“It is exciting to become further involved in the management of the business and it marks another step up from my start with the Firm 23 years ago.  I am convinced that Butcher & Barlow has a positive and successful future and that we can build on the success the Firm has enjoyed for almost 140 years.

“I look forward to working with Anthony, Jonathan and Chris to ensure that the next chapter in the Firm’s history is just as successful.


Jonathan Aldersley and Anthony Higham

Jonathan Aldersley and Anthony Higham