Gadbrook Park Annual Quiz Winners!

Well done to the Butcher & Barlow quiz team AKA Where Legals Dare who took part in, and won,  the annual Gadbrook Park Quiz at Vale Royal Abbey last Thursday evening. The winning team was made up of  Daniel Woodcock, James Holton, Vicky Philipson and Anne Abbott.

After a delicious dinner, 19 teams battled it out to determine who would lift the coveted Gadbrook Park Challenge Cup.  After several rounds where we learned that a Binturong was an animal, Holland ISN’T classed as a country and that Hercules was the correct answer, one team emerged victorious…

Congratulations to Howard Worth for their second place, and Concise Technologies for third.

Many thanks to Gadbrook Park Bid for organising a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Butcher & Barlow's winning team.

Where Legals Dare – Gadbrook Park Quiz Winners!

The Winners Trophy

The Winner’s Trophy