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Serving Prestwich for Many Years

Butcher & Barlow LLP provide legal services to clients, both businesses and individuals, throughout Prestwich. Having been established since 1887, we have over 130 years of experience as a law firm and employ over 150 people at 10 different branches.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent legal advice whilst maintaining a friendly approach throughout. We believe that it is our approach that helps us to make the legal process easier for you under circumstances that can often be uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

You can learn more about the services we provide by visiting our commercial services and personal services pages, which go into detail of the specific cases we can help with.


We understand that first and foremost, you will be looking to employ a solicitor that is professional and will be able to handle your legal matter with competence, whether you require help with divorce proceedings or need the advice of an agricultural solicitor. Consequently, we always take pride in our work, ensuring all of our team members are highly trained and educated.

Butcher & Barlow LLP can help you when it comes to commercial law and personal matters, including but not limited to, employment law, commercial property law, local conveyancing, family law, setting up a trust and wills and probate.


Having been established in 1887, Butcher & Barlow LLP have still managed to maintain the same name, standards and identity throughout, embodying the ethos of our founders Samuel Foster Butcher and John Woodward Barlow to be effective and accommodating.

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