Most landowners and farmers will have considered investing in Renewable Energy Resources given the government commitment in this sector.  Our Agriculture Team are able to advise on all the potential implications, whatever scheme you are considering investing in.

Wind Turbines

These are proving particularly popular, allowing the landowner to reduce their own energy costs, receive an income via FIT for energy produced and additional income for energy exported to the grid.  Currently with the Telecoms industry restricting its network (consolidating the number of masts) some sites are surplus to requirements and this is one way in which income (lost mast rental) can be replaced.

We can advise upon grants, planning, leases and licences.

Solar Energy

This can be broadly divided into two categories:

  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems and
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

The former is of the most interest to landowners as this uses energy from the sun to generate electricity (only daylight is required).

We have advised a number of landowners on the leases which are required by the Solar Energy Companies, which given the initial level of investment required are frequently long term.


Biomass is derived from living or recently living material (normally plant) but occasionally from animal or vegetable ingredients.  Most materials consist of wood (including wood waste) plus specialist crops such as miscanthus, short rotation coppice.  Energy is produced via combustion or anaerobic digestion.  The biogas can then be burnt to produce heat or electricity – or composted to produce a fuel or fertilizer.

We can advise on all forms of agreements.