Workplace Discrimination

It is against the law for employers to discriminate against employees as a consequence of:

  • Gender (sex discrimination)
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage or civil partnership
  • Race
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Religion or belief
  • Ethnic background

There are different forms of discrimination but generally it is being treated less favourably or being subject to a provision or practice which you find it more difficult to comply with due to a protected characteristic, for example, a disability.

For employers, we can advise you as to measures to put in place to avoid any unintentional discrimination.  This may include the preparation of policies and procedures which seek to avoid discriminatory conduct or practices.

However if something does go wrong or you are unfairly accused of discrimination we can assist you in defending claims of discrimination and seek an outcome which minimises any loss or reputational damage.

Contact the Employment Law team here at Butcher & Barlow for a review of your policies and procedures.

For employees, we understand that discrimination in the workplace can often be all encompassing, affecting every aspect of your work and personal life. We will provide legal advice and representation should you wish to pursue a claim against your employer.

If you feel that you have been the subject of discrimination in the workplace, please contact our Employment Law team today for a confidential discussion.

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