Disciplinary Procedures

Our Employment Law team are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of disciplinary issues.  These issues often arise from a failure to have in place a well drafted disciplinary procedure, or a failure to follow the disciplinary procedure correctly.

A failure to deal with disciplinary procedures in the correct manner can give rise to a tribunal claim for, amongst other things, unfair dismissal. Accordingly, a thorough and robust disciplinary procedure should be in place for your business to prevent issues from arising and ensure compliance to avoid the need to seek legal advice after the event.

When dealing with a disciplinary matter and potential dismissal, it is a legal requirement that a fair procedure should be followed, before a decision is made in relation to the outcome.  Our specialist Employment Law team can assist in producing a tailored disciplinary procedure for your business, as well as providing legal advice before and during the disciplinary procedure to ensure compliance.

We can also review your existing procedure to ensure that it complies with relevant employment legislation and suggest improvements to reduce the likelihood of issues arising in the future.

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