Covenants, Easements and Rights of Way

The title deeds of your property may contain covenants which are obligations requiring you to take action such as to keep something in repair or can prevent you from doing something such as restricting development of land.

Sometimes covenants can be ambiguous which can lead to disputes as to the extent of their enforceability or whether they are enforceable at all.  Parties understandably place considerable importance upon covenants as they can not only preserve the value of their property but also their enjoyment of the same.

Title deeds can also contain Easements or Rights of Way such as for access to and from property but also for matters such as drainage.  Disputes often arise in relation to implied Easements where a one party claims long usage of a right.

The Property Dispute Resolution team act behalf of developers, businesses, agricultural users and property owners.  We utilise our skills in negotiation and can deploy a variety of methods to reach a resolution including negotiation and mediation but also litigation where appropriate.