Business Structures

Choosing the right structure for your business venture is crucial to its success.  In order to choose the right structure you need advice that is thorough, practical and pro-active.  At Butcher & Barlow, we are able to advise in relation to sole practitioners, partners, LLP’s, Limited Companies and Plc’s as well as the establishment of Trusts and charitable organisations.

It is important not only to consider the structure of your business at its formation, but to continue to keep under review any changes that may be necessary.

It may be more beneficial to adopt a particular structure for tax and liability issues.  Many people prefer the protection that a Limited Liability Company offers to them; their personal assets will be protected in the event of any claims being brought against the Company.

Alternatively, some individuals prefer the flexibility and more relaxed reporting obligations of the Partnership.

The Corporate and Commercial team at Butcher & Barlow will work alongside with your Accountant and any other business advisor  to provide advice in relation to various different business structures, before then drafting the appropriate Agreements, constitutional  documents and ancillary Agreements.