Global trade, as well as individual relocation, has grown exponentially over the past decade. With it has come an increasing need for the services of Notaries Public. Broadly they are described as officers of the law, whose public office is recognisable on an international scale. Their primary functions are to prepare and authenticate documents for use overseas. Notaries are still bound by the same duties of confidentiality and maintenance of confidence as Solicitors.

Our Notaries are impartial legal experts with a wealth of varied experience within this distinct facet of the legal profession. Our services include:

  • Authenticating documents as acceptable proofs of name, status or qualification for use abroad e.g. passports and birth certificates;
  • Authenticating Powers of Attorney in connection with foreign property purchases;
  • Drawing, attesting or certifying documents and deeds, including wills and conveyances of real and personal property;
  • Arranging for the legalisation of documents for use abroad at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and foreign Consulates;
  • The completion and authentification of papers in connection with Immigration matters:
  • The presentation of Bills of Exchange for payment;
  • The verification of translations from foreign languages into English and Vice Versa.

Given the broad spectrum of work conducted by Notaries Public, the above list is not exhaustive of the services this firm supplies. If you believe you require the assistance of one of our Notaries, please contact us on 0161 764 4062.

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Thank you to Jonathan and the team for handling the sale of our company.  We couldn't have got through it without your professionalism and diligence.

Rachael & Andrew Dickinson - Corporate & Commercial - Gadbrook Park - March 2015

Andrew has treated our charity with great respect and he has shown a good understanding of the needs of young people in Halton. He been patient and tolerate with us.  A good person to do business with.

Norma Hornby - Commercial Property - Runcorn - December 2014

Without your help and assistance the incident at the garden centre would have been a nightmare.  Please accpet this card as a sign of my appreciation for what you have done for me and Peter.

J Carlisle & P Weatherhead - Litigation - Runcorn - December 2014
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