Butcher & Barlow’s mediation service, B & B Mediation Services, was established in 2012. Its aim is to facilitate an amicable separation.  B & B Mediation services have 2 qualified Mediators – Caroline Cockill-Guy who covers the Cheshire area and Kevan Hankinson who covers the Manchester and Lancashire area.

Butcher & Barlow are pleased to announce that Partner Caroline Cockill-Guy has become a member of the Law Society Family Mediation Panel.  Caroline is the only solicitor mediator in the Northwich area to receive this Law Society accreditation. The accreditation qualifies her to carry out Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) and to conduct publicly-funded mediation.  The Law Society's family mediation accreditation scheme's aim is to help the public to identify family mediators who have been assessed for competence, and to promote to the public those mediators who have been accredited by the Law Society. The scheme is subject to independent quality assurance

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process used during separation whereby family members negotiate face-to-face to settle arrangements for the future of their family with the help of a neutral third party, the Mediator. This can enable key decisions arising through the separation process to be agreed upon without the Court having to resolve the dispute.

Mediation could help if you are:-

  • Married, cohabiting or in a civil partnership
  • Already separated but still need to resolve your finances and/or the arrangements about your children
  • Step-parents, grandparents, or other family members wanting to agree arrangements for looking after, and seeing children

The main benefit of mediation is that it saves time in comparison with other ways of resolving  the issues which are in dispute, thereby making the process less costly. It also enables parties to remain in control of the situation, providing a fair outcome which is in the best interest of the family.  Most people will also find mediation to be less stressful than going to Court

Before any  joint mediation meeting takes place, the Mediator will meet each party separately at an initial assessment.  This assessment meeting provides an opportunity to find out more about mediation and, also, for the Mediator to individually assess your specific case and whether it is suitable for mediation.

Once the Mediator has assessed the case, assuming  that you are both happy to proceed the mediator will arrange joint meetings for you to participate in.  The joint meetings will continue until all  issues are resolved.  If financial issues are involved generally there will be between  three to four joint meetings, with each meeting lasting around 90 minutes. If the mediation is about arrangements regarding  children  generally  two joint meetings are  involved lasting around 90 minutes each.

Once an agreement as been reached, if requested,  the Mediator will draw up a record of your understanding in an agreed format.  If the mediation has considered finance and property the Mediator can also draw up a full summary of your financial position.

Any documents produced by the Mediator during the process can be given to your solicitors who will provide legal advice throughout.

To discuss any of the issues above or to arrange your initial assessment, please contact Caroline Cockill-Guy on 01606 47523 or ccockillguy@butcher-barlow.co.uk, or Kevan Hankinson on  0161 773 2969 or khankinson@butcher-barlow.co.uk

B & B Mediation Services can meet with you at any of our offices.

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What our clients say...

We would both like to thank Nicola (Rutter) for all her help and support over the last few months.  She made it all the more easy to deal with.

Mr & Mrs Sinclair - Family - Bramhall - January 2015

Nicola is very professional and I feel very confident being her client. 

D Ashton - Family - Bramhall - January 2015

Thanks again for the first session.  Although I was nervous to start with you made me feel at ease, and I thought you did a great job mediating the session.  In these situations I truly believe an independent party to give a fair a balanced view can help move things forward to a reasonable conclusion much quicker than the back and forth approach of independent solicitors which often seems to get no where.

Mediation - Northwich - February 2016
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