We carry out management and administration for a number of local charities. This is a comprehensive and specialist service which can be tailored to clients' needs and can include preparing agendas for meetings, attendance at meetings and provision, where necessary, of legal advice at meetings, preparation and circulation of minutes and actioning decisions by Trustees.  In addition we are involved in arranging for the provision of accounting services to be made through appropriate connections, management and governance advice and the drafting of appropriate contracts for professional service suppliers such as Investment Managers and Property Consultants. In some cases we are conducting day to day administration and reporting to trustees.

We have considerable experience of carrying out property transactions for charities with due regard to compliance with the Charity Acts.

We also have experience in the preparation of legal documentation associated with grant making. 

We aim to provide a highly personal and efficient professional service.


For further information on the serviced we offer contact Jonathan Aldersley at the Gadbrook Park office on 01606 334309.

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What our clients say...

Thank you to Jonathan and the team for handling the sale of our company.  We couldn't have got through it without your professionalism and diligence.

Rachael & Andrew Dickinson - Corporate & Commercial - Gadbrook Park - March 2015

Thank you very much for the work you did for me.  It's allowed us to do things we haven't been able to afford.  A life changing sum that will hold us in good stead for years to come!  Thanks!

Litigation - Sandbach - February 2015

Permmisson has been issued. Thanks again for your help and hard work on this!

Mr Goodwin - Property - Gadbrook Park - December 2014

Thank you very much indeed for all the excellent work you do and the manner in which you do it.  It is a pleasure to work with you.

Charities - Gadbrook Park - 2016
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