Notarial services

At Butcher & Barlow we have five Notaries working across the region.  They are impartial legal experts with a wealth of varied experience within this distinct facet of the legal profession. Our services include:

– Authenticating documents as acceptable proofs of name, status or qualification for use abroad e.g. passports and birth certificates;
– Authenticating Powers of Attorney in connection with foreign property purchases;
– Drawing, attesting or certifying documents and deeds, including wills and conveyances of real and personal property;
– Arranging for the legalisation of documents for use abroad at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and foreign Consulates;
– The completion and authentification of papers in connection with Immigration matters:
– The presentation of Bills of Exchange for payment; and
– The verification of translations from foreign languages into English and Vice Versa.

Given the broad spectrum of work conducted by Notaries Public, the above list is not exhaustive of the services this firm supplies. If you believe you require the assistance of one of our Notaries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.